Expert Sewing

Make your own unique and personal design statement with the Laura Ashley Limited Edition Innov-ís NX-800 Sewing Machine. This incredible machine includes a diverse selection of sewing stitches, feet and innovative features that will help you complete home décor projects in any style almost effortlessly.

Laura Ashley Limited Edition Features

138 Built-in Sewing Stitches Included

Take your sewing to a loftier level with the 138 included stitches in the Laura Ashley Limited Edition Innov-ís NX-800. With an impressive assortment of sewing, quilting, utility and decorative stitches, including 10 buttonhole styles and three sewing lettering fonts (all of which feature lowercase letters and additional characters), you can add a special finish to all your creations. The at-a-glance reference chart displays all of the built-in stitch options in one convenient place. Find your desired stitch on the stitch reference chart, and then simply use the 10-key touchpad to key in the stitch number.

Stitch Editing Feature

Found a stitch that’s close to what you want but not quite perfect? Simply use the stitch editing feature to adjust the width, height, density and size of many of the machine’s included stitches.

Combining Stitch Patterns

Combine or create mirror images of applicable stitches to create your own unique patterns and then save them to one of the 10 memory pockets for later use. Combined stitches can also be repeated for a custom look.

My Custom Stitch™ Feature

Want to add your own unique touch to your sewing? The built-in exclusive My Custom Stitch™ feature gives you the freedom to create a special one-of-a-kind pattern on the LCD display and save it to one of the 10 memory pockets for later use. This incredible feature will allow you to expand your stitch library with a virtually unlimited number of personalized stitches that can be accessed for years to come!

7-Point Feed Dogs

Stitch at high speeds with minimal fabric guiding and still achieve perfectly formed stitches with the wide-set 7-point feed dogs that allow for smooth and easy feeding of almost every material.

Horizontal Stitching

An exciting feature which allows you to unleash your creative spirit! Perfect for sewing patches and appliquést on projects using the horizontal straight stitches and horizontal zig zag stitches that sew to either the left or right.

Advanced Needle Threading System

The advanced threading system eliminates hand threading by pushing the thread through the eye of the needle with the press of a lever. Perfect threading, every time, even when you can’t see the eye of the needle!

Multiple Thread Cutting Operations

Use the on-board scissor button or pre-program the machine to cut the threads at the end of the stitching.

Bright Work Lights

The bright, independent lighting in the needle and work area help reduce eye strain and brighten the details of any project.

Quick-Set™ Bobbin

Just drop in a full bobbin, pull the thread through the marked path and start sewing!

Easy-to-read LCD Screen

Use the easy-to-read LCD screen to view all your sewing and quilting functions:
• Stitch selection, stitch length and width, and recommended presser feet
• Error messages if operations are performed incorrectly
• On-screen information in 14 languages

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