Halloween 2017



Brother Introduces the Quattro - Space: Our Largest Work Area Yet!
New and enhanced embroidery features give the Quattro® 6000D a definitive step-up from the competition.

Embroidery designs can be duplicated

—virtually an unlimited number of times—in the embroidery edit mode without returning to the selection screen. Designs are rendered instantaneously,

3 times faster

than previous models. Zoom in and out for a microscopic view of designs. The Quattro® 6000D screen shows you the size of the hoop and time required to stitch designs thus shortening the planning time needed for your projects. One-touch access opens a world of embroidery editing capabilities for improved design work.

Change the background color of embroidery designs

for editing ease and greater visibility during the preview process. Choose from 66 colors for a realistic preview.

For the first time on any of our embroidery models, you can

combine embroidery designs

with decorative stitches for even more artistic variety.

The Quattro® 6000D comes with

3 built-in USB ports:

  • One high-speed 2.0 port to transfer designs even faster from any standard storage media or from the new optional external card reader.
  • A second port for machine peripherals.
  • A third port for computer connectivity for design import/export, screen saver import and for downloading software updates from www.brother.com.

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