Brother Introduces the Quattro - Space: Our Largest Work Area Yet!
Brother's exclusive

InnovEye™ Intelligent Eye Technology and Up-close™ Viewer

give a bird's eye view of the needle area. This industry first is like having a built-in camera above the needle plate. Providing a

live detailed image right on the LCD display,

sewing, embroidery, quilting and crafting have never been more exact. Imagine how easy it will be to see your work up close and personal. By using InnovEye™, the needle-drop guessing game is over...elaborate designs and intricate decorative stitching are incredibly accurate.

InnovEye™ Technology means precise needle placement for those hard-to-see areas - especially when attaching buttons and making buttonholes. Estimating stitch placement is no longer a hassle, leaving more time to dream the unthinkable and create the unbelievable.

Edge sewing is so simple. InnovEye™ follows the edge and—guided by a pre-set seam allowance—keeps stitches smoothly hugging the edge whether they are straight or curved. Sew a long, thin piece of material, like a ribbon, with ease. Even free arm sewing is made simple using InnovEye™ Technology to sew point to point.

Utilizing a unique

sensor positioning sticker

placed on your fabric, the InnovEye™ Technology

automatically positions the needle and design

for perfect embroidery placement.

No more starting over when you slightly mishoop your fabric! Let the InnovEye™ detect the sensor positioning sticker and make corrections for you! Additionally, use placement of the sensor positioning sticker to create beautiful fashions, including multiple embroidery designs, quickly and easily.

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