Quattro Specifications

Brother Introduces the Quattro - 100 New or Improved Features
On-Screen Editing Yes, along with 5 Programmable and 5 Customizable Screen Savers
Display Control Panel 7" x 4.5" Touch Screen - Wide-angle HD LCD - No Color Shifting from Side to Side
Compatible with PE-Design/PED Basic Yes
Design Memory Yes
Software Upgrades Yes
 Carton Contents
Accessory Storage Yes
Carrying Case Yes
Included Accessory Feet Yes
In the box Custom Fashion Rolling Luggage
Warranty 25 year limited warranty
UPC Code 012502621300
Machine Dimensions 13.06" H x 23.44" W x 10.6" D
Machine Weight 33.38 lbs with free arm / 40.12 lbs with embroidery arm
Shipping Dimensions 31.1" H x 27.6" W x 25.5" D
Shipping Weight 87.5 lb (machine and all accessories)
UL/CSA Listed Yes

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