Brother Introduces the Quattro - Space: Our Largest Work Area Yet!

Do you like to work on your sewing and embroidery machine well into the night, but hate extra task lights and eyestrain? The improved Runway® lighting in Quattro® 3 covers a full

10-inches of full-spectrum lighting around the needle!

The Brother

exclusive Runway® Lighting

embodies museum-quality illumination, projecting clear, bright light onto your project. Colors are brighter and more vivid. The Quattro® 3 Trilogy incorporates our latest light diffusing system as well as lens focusing technology to create a wider, more uniform area of coverage.

The runway is a place to shine, and your projects will radiate with Runway® Lighting. Extra lighting is unnecessary as the Quattro® 3 Trilogy projects a

light intensity equivalent in power to 56 standard LED lights.

Customize the lighting output by adjusting the angle under the needle to help eliminate any shadows. Regulate the brightness between five settings, including an off mode, to find your ideal level.

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