Brother Introduces the Quattro - More Features and Benefits

Enhanced On-Screen Auto Density Adjustment

This innovative feature allows you to resize embroidery designs on-screen and automatically recalculates the stitch count to ensure your resized design has the same stitch quality as the original. Resize from 60% up to 200% of the original design size. You also have the freedom to adjust the density of designs with a simple slide bar.

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Easy Navigation Through On-Screen Pages

The enhanced on-screen navigation allows you to easily get to the screen you are looking for. Go from page 1 to page 10 without having to scroll through each screen.

Enhanced Embroidery Editing Features

Change the background color of designs for greater visibility during the preview process. Combine embroidery designs with decorative stitches for even more artistic variety.

Sew With The Embroidery Arm Attached

A great time-saver and allows for more precision. With the touch of a button the embroidery unit moves completely out of the way for quick sewing process change overs and allows you to sew in the embroidery hoop.

Jump Stitch Thread Trimming

Brother's exceptional thread trimming system will cut the thread at the end of each color as well as trimming between jump stitches.

Thread Wiper

Brother's unique embroidery foot thread wiper pulls the thread tail back and out of the way for embroidery sewing.

Resume Function

When the machine is turned off in the middle of a design and turned on again it will return exactly to where it was when it was turned off. The machine continuously saves designs without having to program anything.

Automatic Threading

The enhanced threading system threads the needle with a push of a button.

Back to the Beginning Key

When sewing is stopped press this key to go back to beginning of the decorative stitch series.

Thread Sensors

There are thread sensors for both the needle and bobbin. The machine senses when either the needle thread or bobbin thread runs out or breaks.

USB Mouse Port

For convenience, there are two USB ports as well as a direct computer link. Use the included Brother USB mouse for manipulating designs.

Embroidery Drag & Drop

Using the mouse or stylist, it is now possible to drag and drop the design precisely when creating a larger design or border.

Sewing Type Selection Key

When the sewing type selection key is chosen, the stitch advisor will automatically set machine width and length for appropriate stitch function.

Embroidery Frame Display

This provides the ability to position designs in the hoop on screen. This helps increase the ability to accurately position the embroidery designs in the hoops and precisely align embroidery motifs. The size of the embroidery is proportionate to the embroidery hoop display.

Design Duplication

Embroidery designs can be quickly and easily duplicated in the embroidery edit screen.

Separate Bobbin Winder System

A separate spool pin and motor are on the machine for winding bobbins. The needle does not have to be unthreaded to wind the bobbin using the separate bobbin winding system. This saves time and effort when sewing and embroidering.

Stitch Preview

Allows close-up viewing of stitches. Shows an enlarged view of the stitches. This is helpful when combining multiple stitches or rotating designs.

Embroidery Preview

Allows close up viewing of embroidery designs. Shows an enlarged view of embroidery designs. This is helpful when joining multiple designs together to see how they look and to make sure they are aligning properly.

Larger Internal Memory Capacity for Embroidery

The machine has a large computer memory capability to store embroidery designs. The large memory capacity provides space for saving a large number of customized embroidery designs or standard designs for quick access.

Larger Internal Memory Capacity for Sewing Stitches

Storage of stitches within the machine. Up to 5 different setting for each utility stitch can be saved into the internal memory of the machine. Customized stitch settings can be saved for easy access for future use.

Needle Plate Detector

Senses the Needle Plate. This is a great safety device for anyone who switches between the single needle plate and the 7mm needle prevents accidental usage of a decorative stitch while using the single needle plate. It also turns the machine off when the needle plate is removed...another great safety device.

Embroidery Basting Function

Secures items in place for embroidery. This function bastes the fabric and stabilizer together to help minimize shifting while the embroidery is being sewn. It also helps minimize pull compensation with dense designs. The distance of the basting stitches from the design can be adjusted.

Feed Dogs

High precision feed. Feed virtually any type of fabric and achieve precise, perfect stitches.

Embroidery Thread Palettes

Exchangeable thread palettes. There are many thread colors as well as thread vendors to choose from for customizing the embroidery thread palettes built into the machine.

12 Built-in Languages

Multiple languages can be selected to meet the needs of every customer. There are 12 built-in languages that can quickly and easily be changed.

Extra high lift presser foot

The presser foot height can be programmed or manually raised higher than the standard setting to accommodate the thickness of fabrics. This is especially helpful when sewing high loft batting or thick textured fabric.


The machine can be updated from the Brother website using one of the USB connections and the included cable.

Frame Patterns

10 frame patterns are built into the machine.

Operation Buttons

The operation buttons are ergonomically positioned on the front of the machine. These buttons include the Start/Stop, Reverse, Needle Up/Down, Thread Cutter, Presser foot lifter, sewing speed controller, and the automatic threading button.

Design Alignment

Built-in thread marks can be added to the perimeter of designs for exact placement when combining patterns. This function can also be used for aligning multiple hoopings for extra large designs.

Built-in Border Function

Using the built-in border function designs can be repeated both vertically and horizontally. In addition, the sewing order of colors in the combined designs can be changed to continue sewing without repeatedly changing the upper thread or changing the sewing order manually.

Trial Position

The trial function is used to check design positions within the embroidery frame. There are eight trial positions.

Extensive On-Screen Editing Potential

Designs can be duplicated, combined with lettering, moved, rotated in 1 degree increments, mirror imaged, reverse imaged, grouped or ungrouped.

Alphabet Configurations

Extensive lettering capabilities are built into the machine such as array, spacing, multiple colors, linking.

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