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Download individual embroidery designs from Disney®, Nickelodeon and more.
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Thread Chart
Match Numbers between our Polyester Finish, Cotton, Metallic and Variegated Threads.
Sort ByColorCottonFleshtoneMetallicPolyesterVariegated
White White 000
Polar White Polar White 001
Wisteria Violet Wisteria Violet 003
Beige Beige 012
Cornflower Blue Cornflower Blue 015
Deep Rose Deep Rose 024
Linen Linen 025
Black Black 100
Salmon Pink Salmon Pink 122
Dark Fuchsia Dark Fuchsia 126
Light Lilac Light Lilac 133
Red Red 149
Flesh Pink Flesh Pink 152
Hot Pink Hot Pink 155
Carmine Carmine 158
Clay Brown Clay Brown 224
Khaki Khaki 242
Light Brown Light Brown 255
Red Brown Red Brown 264
Pumpkin Pumpkin 322
Cream Brown Cream Brown 331
Harvest Gold Harvest Gold 334
Tangerine Tangerine 336
Deep Gold Deep Gold 354
Cream Yellow Cream Yellow 370
Fresh Green Fresh Green 442
Lime Green Lime Green 444
Leaf Green Leaf Green 463
Dark Olive Dark Olive 473
Teal Green Teal Green 483
Emerald Green Emerald Green 485
Seacrest Seacrest 505
Sky Blue Sky Blue 512
Ultramarine Ultramarine 575
Blue Blue 586
Lavender Lavender 604
Lilac Lilac 624
Purple Purple 635
Warm Grey Warm Grey 706
Dark Brown Dark Brown 717
Pewter Pewter 745
Dark Grey Dark Grey 747
Base Light Base Light 077S
Highlight Peach Highlight Peach 132S
Highlight Milk Choco Highlight Milk Choco 157S
Shading Dark Chocola Shading Dark Chocola 160S
Light Shading Beige Light Shading Beige 165S
Dark Highlight Taupe Dark Highlight Taupe 166S
Light Shading Taupe Light Shading Taupe 170S
Light Shading Rose Light Shading Rose 183S
Dark Highlight Cafe Dark Highlight Cafe 184S
Highlight Cocoa Highlight Cocoa 185S
Opal Metallic Opal Metallic 899
Copper Copper 986
Light Blue Light Blue 987
Lavender Lavender 988
Fresh Green Fresh Green 989
Light Pink Light Pink 990
Dark Pink Dark Pink 991
Peppermint Peppermint 992
Red Metallic Red Metallic 993
Green Metallic Green Metallic 994
Blue Metallic Blue Metallic 995
Pewter Pewter 996
Silver Metallic Silver Metallic 997
Rich Gold Rich Gold 998
Government Gold Meta Government Gold Meta 999
White White 001
Silver Silver 005
Prussian Blue Prussian Blue 007
Cream Brown Cream Brown 010
Light Blue Light Blue 017
Sky Blue Sky Blue 019
Fresh Green Fresh Green 027
Vermillion Vermillion 030
Dark Brown Dark Brown 058
Cornflower Blue Cornflower Blue 070
Salmon Pink Salmon Pink 079
Pink Pink 085
Deep Rose Deep Rose 086
Dark Fuchsia Dark Fuchsia 107
Flesh Pink Flesh Pink 124
Pumpkin Pumpkin 126
Lemon Yellow Lemon Yellow 202
Yellow Yellow 205
Harvest Gold Harvest Gold 206
Orange Orange 208
Tangerine Tangerine 209
Deep Gold Deep Gold 214
Linen Linen 307
Light Brown Light Brown 323
Brass Brass 328
Russet Brown Russet Brown 330
Amber Red Amber Red 333
Red Brown Red Brown 337
Clay Brown Clay Brown 339
Khaki Khaki 348
Warm Grey Warm Grey 399
Blue Blue 405
Ultramarine Ultramarine 406
Peacock Blue Peacock Blue 415
Electric Blue Electric Blue 420
Mint Green Mint Green 502
Emerald Green Emerald Green 507
Leaf Green Leaf Green 509
Lime Green Lime Green 513
Moss Green Moss Green 515
Dark Olive Dark Olive 517
Olive Green Olive Green 519
Teal Green Teal Green 534
Seacrest Seacrest 542
Wisteria Violet Wisteria Violet 607
Lilac Lilac 612
Violet Violet 613
Purple Purple 614
Magenta Magenta 620
Pewter Pewter 704
Dark Grey Dark Grey 707
Red Red 800
Lavender Lavender 804
Carmine Carmine 807
Deep Green Deep Green 808
Light Lilac Light Lilac 810
Cream Yellow Cream Yellow 812
Grey Grey 817
Beige Beige 843
Royal Purple Royal Purple 869
Black Black 900
Caribbean Caribbean 900
Tropic Sunrise Tropic Sunrise 901
Seabreeze Seabreeze 902
Majestic Majestic 903
Pink Ice Pink Ice 945
Denim Denim 950
Meadow Meadow 953
Glory Glory 964
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