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DreamCreator®: Delightful Quilting and Sewing For Less (QUILTING & SEWING MACHINE)
561 Stitches Included (531 Built-in, 30 on CD);  14 Buttonholes Styles;  3 Sewing Lettering Fonts;  3 Sewing Japanese Fonts; 318 Built-in Embroidery Designs; 91 Built-in Disney Designs; 13 Bobbin work designs; 14 Embroidery Fonts; 140 Frame Pattern Combinations; 3 Japanese Embroidery Fonts Buy Now Specs Specs
Want the most exclusive, feature-packed quilting and sewing machine ever made by Brother?
Hurry in to a dealer today – DreamCreator® is going to fly off the shelves!
Largest Workspace Ever
SeVen Inch LCD Touch Screen Display
Vibrant 10 inch Runway® Lighting
MuVit Digital Dual Feed System
Up to 1,050 Stitches Per Minute
Automatic Height Adjuster™ AHA® Feature
Pivot Function
Automatic Need Threader
Bobbin Winding While Sewing
2 USB ports
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Realize your dreams in a workspace over 10% bigger than in any other Brother machine!
56 square inches of workspace! Even a king-sized bed quilt fits rolled up!
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Become a V-Series master by watching onscreen tutorials, and control the machine with the large, intuitive onscreen icons.
Little or no color shifting; Display more than 260,000 colors
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See your work in brilliant more task lights needed!
50% Brighter than any other Brother machine
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Our new MuVit™ Digital Dual Feed included accessory can powerfully feed fabric from the top AND bottom. This makes it incredibly easy to sew precise, uniform stitches on a range of fabrics like leather, faux fur and silk with incredible ease. Don’t need dual feed? No problem, simply turn it off.
MuVit attachment
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V-Series machines are among the fastest Brother machines ever made, so you can create more pieces in less time.
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Helps ensure consistent stitch length on all fabric thicknesses by keeping the presser foot pressure consistent, regardless of fabric thickness, leading to uniform stitch quality across uneven surfaces. How quilters ever got by without it is still a mystery.
Uneven Fabric is never a problem
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Lightning-quick pivoting is enabled by the pivoting function, which allows you to leave the needle down and the presser foot up to turn perfect corners.
Convenient easy-to-view onscreen clock so you don't lose track of time.
Pivot Foot and Clock
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Toss the tweezers. With the Brother automatic needle threader, threading the needle is as easy as pressing a button.
The machine can multi-task by allowing you to wind bobbins for future use while sewing – a big time saver.
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Make sure your machine is always up-to-date by downloading machine updates from
Twice the Ports for machine updates and importing designs.
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Full range of included and optional accessories. Make DreamCreator™ even more versatile.
Exclusive Bag Set Included: Easily take your DreamCreator with you in style; Included Bobbin Case: Enhance projects with raised and textured stitches
*Additional purchase required.