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DreamMaker®XE: Virtual Perfection in Embroidery - EMBROIDERY-ONLY MACHINE
318 Built-in Embroidery Designs; 13 Bobbin work designs; 14 Embroidery Fonts; 140 Frame Pattern Combinations; 3 Japanese Embroidery Fonts Watch Overview Buy Now Specs
Want the most exclusive, feature-packed quilting and sewing machine ever made by Brother? Everything you love about embroidery, and everything you’ve ever dreamed of has come together in the amazing DreamMaker® XE embroidery-only machine. For those with a passion to embroider, the ultimate dream machine is here.
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The needle drop position can’t be missed – just look for the red dot.
LED Pointer: Easily find the needle drop position
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Use the V-Sonic™ Pen Pal system to control design positioning right on the embroidery field. No more protractors, rulers or guesswork!
Sensor Pen: Point and set Ultrasonic technology
1. Position with Center and Angle
Touch the desired design center and then the upper position for recognizing the angle.
2. Position with Corner and Edge
Select the area where the design will be and select the side of the design you want to align.
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V-Series machines are among the fastest Brother machines ever made, so you can create more pieces in less time.
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Download over 5,000 unique designs, available for individual purchase. Exclusively for Brother customers.
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Change the background color of embroidery designs on the LCD display screen for editing ease and greater visibility during the preview process.
With such a big workspace, you’ll be making bigger creations than ever before. DreamMaker® XE allows you to move through the design up to 500 stitches at a time — a huge benefit if you break a thread.
Want your design to be JUST right? That’s easy — use the LCD display screen to change the rotation angle of your design in one degree increments for precise placement.
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Become a V-Series master by watching onscreen tutorials, and control the machine with the large, intuitive onscreen icons.
Little or no color shifting; Display more than 260,000 colors
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See your work in brilliant more task lights needed!
50% Brighter than any other Brother machine
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Realize your dreams in a workspace over 10% bigger than in any other Brother machine!
56 square inches of workspace! Even a king-sized bed quilt fits rolled up!
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Make sure your machine is always up-to-date by downloading machine updates from
Twice the Ports for machine updates and importing designs.
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Full range of included and optional accessories. Make DreamMaker® XE even more versatile.
Exclusive Bag Set Included: Easily take your DreamWeaver™ with you in style; Included Table Great for large projects such as quilt; Included Bobbin Case: Enhance projects with raised and textured stitches Opt Accessories Layout
*Additional purchase required.