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Conditions for the GT-361
Ink Cure‡ Time and temperature may vary depending on which manufacturer's dryer is used. Additional purchase required.
Ink volume‡ Usable volume may vary upon design density and operating conditions.
Max printing area‡ Requires large platen for operation (additional purchase required.) CMYK + White maximum print area 16" x 17". Selecting 16" x 18" design size will decrease print speed for duration of printing large format design.
Number of Print Heads‡ Additional purchase required.
Platen Height Adjust‡ Additional purchase required.
Printed Substrate‡ Final results may vary depending on blend type of materials
Standard Interfaces‡ Based on internal timed tests conducted done by Brother of data transfer via Ethernet vs. high speed USB connection. Times may vary depending on file size. Ethernet cable not included.
Warranty‡ Applies to models purchased after 1/1/14. After 90 days, customer responsible for travel related to parts replacement. See warranty for full details.