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In 1984, Cad Cam Technology embarked upon the first of many innovative products designed for the embroidery industry. They lead the way with the world renowned APS suite of embroidery software for DOS. Many of the established features of today's software were originated by this forward thinking programming team. Needless to say, with such an established pedigree the Windows based ApS-Ethos was always destined to be a market leader.
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Artisan Plus is a true production based system for those companies who are serious about producing all designs in-house. More automation tools guarantee that designs are produced quickly, efficiently and accurately.

The integrated Stitch Estimator means that you can advise customers on the potential stitch count of a design before digitising even begins.

A range of Alignment and Placement tools make positioning and manipulation of multiple items simple and accurate. This level also introduces Automatic Appliqué - any Vector can be imported and instantly converted into an appliqué design.

Artisan Plus

Image Conversion

Text Envelopes
Included in the package:
The Branching option allows you to digitize multiple outlines then Ethos will automatically calculate the most efficient stitching sequence, regardless of the order in which the shapes were digitized. This feature enables designs to be digitized more quickly.
The 'Envelopes' Software option allows outlines, particularly text outlines to be manipulated and distorted. Text outlines may be created and then transformed to fit user defined or pre-set shapes.

The Emblems feature is included with the Artisan package. Name Drop, Vector Conversion and Image conversion are options that can be purchased at an additional cost.
The Emblems feature contains a library of shape, shields and scrolls. These may be input at any size or proportion using running stitch or fill stitch. Satin borders may be added around any emblem in any colour or width.
The Name Drop feature is used for the personalisation of garments. It allows multiple names to be automatically generated. This is a fully automated feature ideal for those customers that offer a monogramming facility.
The Vector Conversion option allows Vector files to be imported into Ethos and converted into embroidery outlines.
The Image Trace tool allows you to convert images (BMP, JPEG, TIFF) to embroidery outlines.

Two additional options which can be added to the Artisan Plus package:
All effects can be extensively edited to suit all purposes and new effects can easily be created and stored. Advanced specialized stitch effects include Random Satin and Fill, Graduated Fill, EStitch and Moss Stitch. Standard controls include density, stitch length, pattern and compensation. Standard underlays are available and the ability to extensively modify underlay setting to suit specific requirements.
This is an integrated Drawing package where improvements can be made to your artwork, or original artworks created. It also enables artworks from other drawing packages to be imported. When combined with the Vector Conversion software option this feature is a powerful tool.