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Electronic Labeling System

Brother PT-15

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Take the PT-15 with you wherever you go! The deluxe protective carrying case makes this P-touch portable for all home, office and commercial applications. The typewriter style keyboard, in English and Spanish, is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. Minimize waste with the adjustable tape feed and the PT-15’s 500-character storage provides you with versatility on your label applications.

The PT-15 includes 6 "AA" batteries, a deluxe protective carrying case, a tape separator, one black on clear "TC" laminated tape and one additional "TC" color tape.

Main Features
  • 1-line printing
  • Uses 9mm and 12mm tape widths
  • 1 font
  • 4 type styles (normal, bold, outline and shadow)
  • 5 type sizes - 10 point to 16 point
  • 6 character LCD display
  • Extra fast printing
  • AC adapter optional

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