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Electronic Labeling System

Brother PT-1750


The PT-1750 delivers the performance and quality you need to create basic laminated labels at an attractive value point. With its large 15 character LCD display, the PT-1750 prints up to 2 lines, in 6 type sizes and 9 type styles, along with mirror printing, underlining and text framing features. Suited to your office label needs, the PT-1750 has a 15 character LCD display for easy editing, 57 built-in symbols and can print on 4 different TZ label widths from 6mm to 18mm.

Main Features
  • High quality laminated label technology
  • Can print on 4 different tape widths from 6mm to 18mm
  • Prints up to 2 lines of text
  • 15 character LCD display for easy editing
  • Auto numbering and repeat printing up to 9 copies
  • Prints in 6 sizes, 9 styles
  • 57 built in symbols
  • Underlines and frames text
  • Prints vertically and horizontally
  • Includes one 12mm black/white tape, tape separator

*Street pricing may vary