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PC Ready Labeler for Small Workgroups

Brother PT-1960


The PT-1960 is a "USB Ready" deluxe desktop labeling system. With the PT-1960, you can print laminated labels from 6mm to 18mm wide, created via either the built-in keyboard or your PC. It comes with an AC adapter, USB cable and durable carry case for protecting the unit and storing/organizing tapes.

Used by itself, the PT-1960 prints in 2 fonts, 8 type styles and 8 type sizes, and up to 5 lines. When connected to a PC, its label creation possibilities are virtually endless. Additionally, the PT-1960 boasts an automatic tape cutter which accurately cuts labels to length, even unattended multiple copies. Its two-line display allows easy text entry and editing.

Main Features
  • Includes AD-60 AC adapter, one 12mm TZ black on white starter tape,
    CD-Rom with Label Creation Software and Printer Driver, USB cable and custom carrying case
  • Connect to your PC to use more fonts, add graphics, or print from databases
  • Small desktop design - perfect for helping organize any home office or office
  • Create high-quality, easy-to-read labels in seconds
  • Flexible: Prints up to 5 lines, with 64 type sizes/style combinations
  • Perfect for file folders, binders, property labels, or virtually anything that needs a label

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