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Electronic Labeling System

Brother PT-2310


The PT-2310 offers the best of stand-alone and computer label printing. Whether you are creating text labels or labels that incorporate graphics, signatures, logos, etc., you can have the best of both worlds with the PT-2310.

As a stand alone, it has a QWERTY keyboard and 10 character x 2 line display. It can print in 8 type sizes, 8 type styles using 4 different fonts. When attached to a computer, it can print using any TrueType® fonts, and even import graphics, logos or pictures. The PT-2310 can also print up to 14 different kinds of bar codes.

Main Features
  • Keyboard & computer label printer interface
  • High quality laminated label technology
  • Seamless linking to MS Access database files
  • Prints 1 line (52 point) to 6 lines
  • Easy to read 2 line x 10 character LCD
  • Automatic max. font sizing
  • 4 fonts (8 sizes, 8 styles)
  • Windows® 2000/NT/ME/98/95 & Macintosh® compatible
  • Easy to use label design software
  • Custom stamp making option
  • Includes: Deluxe carry case, 12mm tape and 24mm tape, label design software, tape separator

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