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Affordable, Personal Labeler

Brother PT-80

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The PT-80 is a handheld all in one affordable, feature packed "Personal Labeler". The PT-80 will easily print labels in 6 type sizes, 9 type styles and 1 font for all different labeling needs - all you have to do is type in your text and print. At the touch of a button, you can also add the time and date to your label, with a choice of 8 different formats!

With the PT-80, you can print (non-laminated labels) in 9mm & 12mm wide. The PT-80 comes with 12mm Black on White "M" starter tape and User Manual.

The PT-80 also gives the option of selecting from 71 symbols to display creativity on the label, and includes 5 auto formats and 5 framing options. Along with its easy-to-view, 12-character LCD display and easy-to-use typewriter style keyboard, it features raised keys for more accurate input. It also prints 1 to 2 lines of crisp text, and can add text framing and underlining.

Main Features
  • Prints (non-laminated labels) in 9mm and 12mm widths
  • Easy to view 12-character LCD display and easy to use typewriter style keyboard with raised keys for more accurate input
  • Time & Date function, perfect for labeling perishable foods, financial records, smoke alarm and much more
  • Prints in 9 type styles
  • Includes one 0.47" (12mm) non-laminated Black on White "M" starter tape and User Manual

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