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Computer Label Printer

Brother PT-9200DX


The PT-9200DX computer label printer combines total versatility with crisp, laser quality 360 dpi printing. With its easy to use label design software and wide selection of colorful tape combinations, you can create truly professional looking laminated labels for industrial and business applications such as tamper-proof tags, custom merchandising materials, professional looking signs and labels. On the widest tapes (36mm), the P-touch Pro DX printer can print over 1" high text graphics... large enough for bar codes, ID tags, signs and more! The PT-9200DX is a powerful, creative labeling system with 6 tape width options, stamp making capability, 700 plus clip-art symbols, special text effects and popular label templates. The more you use it, the more uses you'll find!

Perfect for business and industrial applications or even for your home labeling needs.

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