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Conditions for the Brotherâ„¢ QL-570VM
Carton Contents ‡ Plastic badges and lanyards are standard sizes. Additional badges and lanyards can be purchased at various office superstore locations.
Cutter Life ‡ Based on internal Brother testing using die-cut labels and non-adhesive tapes.
Recommended Cameras ‡ Recommended Camera list is only a sampling. Additional web cameras may be compatible with the VM-100 software.
Tape Sizes ‡ In addition to printing visitor badges, the QL-570 can also print a wide variety of other pre-sized, self-adhesive DK labels and tapes** for general office use, when used with the P-touch® Editor software. To view detailed label printer capabilities and specifications, please visit the QL-570 product page. **Additional purchase required.