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Brother LX-570

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The LX-570 allows you to apply one of five finishes to anything from a leaf to a favorite photo. The applications are endless! Its uniqueness is in the way that it applies the finish. Each cartridge contains a special finish. By turning your item through the unit, the special finish is applied to your item.

Imagine the possibilities. Put a permanent adhesive or repositionable adhesive onto the back of virtually anything, with or without laminating the front to create an instant sticker or applique. Or, use the laminate or magnetic cartridges to preserve and protect important items for your family, business, or classroom.

This innovative, no heat, no pouch, no battery and no electricity system makes Backster safe to use anywhere, anytime and by anyone. It can handle items up to 5" wide and any length up to banner size, making it ideal for photo albums, signs, recipe cards, crafts and many other home, school or business projects.

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