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Nellie's Catwalk for Kids Columbus, OH

I am Nellie, eight years ago I was sixteen years old and had the crazy idea to build a nonprofit from the ground up. I thought it would be so much fun to put on a fashion show to raise funds for cancer. But I wanted to narrow it down to what type of cancer. After very formal research, aka Google, I found my answer. Childhood cancer. When I first began this journey people told me I was too young. Now nearly eight years later we have raised almost a million dollars to support families! Brother, we need your help with this overdue office makeover so we can be our best to serve kids with cancer!


Kinetic Kids, Inc. helps children w/disabilities reach important gross motor milestones (sitting, standing, walking, & so on) that many take for granted. Winning this contest would help us efficiently print home exercise programs, & patients' progress notes &assessments. Currently, our staff have to wait & share office printers. We would also like to better organize the items in our supply closet by using your labeling system, which would help us quickly find needed rehab equipment & small office supplies. Please select us? We believe we are worthy of this prize & would make Brother proud!

Kinetic Kids, Inc.

Shelby, NC.



St. Augustine
Humane Society

St. Augustine, FL


Here at the St. Augustine Humane Society we offer many services that have not existed in our county. We provide low cost veterinary care and spay/neuter services. We also have opened a food bank for many pet owners that are unable to provide food for their pet due to hardship. These services are geared toward our mission of keeping animals with their owners. We are currently using highly outdated printers and other office equipment, but will soon need more efficient products when we open our clinic from one to two days later this year. With your help this dream can become a reality.

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