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Product points

Machining performance

By using the B00 series NC to improve program processing speed and vibration control to improve acceleration, productivity has been improved by 3 to 10% compared to former model.

Machining performance

High quality machining

After reviewing the machine's structure and using a larger spindle diameter, etc., we have enhanced rigidity and improved machining quality.
For example, machining quality of finished surface is superior to former model.

High quality machining


Equipped with the B00 series NC, a 12.1-inch color display, and a variety of functions, such as menu programming and high accuracy mode A, the operability and functional capabilities of the TC-31B are even more advanced.
In addition, the machine is standard-equipped with practical new functions, such as USB memory interface and maintenance notice function.

12.1-inch color display(Standard)

User-friendly screen configuration, including menu screens for graphic drawing and program creation, alarm recovery screens, etc.

12.1-inch color display

USB memory interface(Standard)

USB memory interface is available. Many data can be transferred at high speed. Tape operation is also possible from a USB memory device.
Note: USB memory interface cannnot be connected directly to the personal computer.

USB memory interface

Maintenance notice function(Standard)

Maintenance timing can be set or notified by an alarm.

Maintenance notice function

High accuracy mode A(Standard)

High accuracy mode A ensures accurate finishing of minute lines. Vibration control prevents the vibration generated during axis movement.
(The figure shows an example when machined at F10,000 mm/min(F394 inch/min).)

High accuracy mode A
Function symbols
  • *1: The table size is the value of the one side.
  • *2: The maximum loading capacity is the value of the one side.

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Contacts for inquiries regarding our products are provided.
Please feel free to call us for any inquiries, including explanation of usage or consultation for product introduction or development.


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