For machining industries in Automotive parts

Fly wheel

Workpiece name Fly wheel
Material Steel
Machining contents Drilling, reamer

Starter housing

Workpiece name Starter housing
Material ADC
Machining contents Drilling, tapping

Intake manihold

Workpiece name Intake manihold
(intake/exhaust system)
Material AC
Machining conditions High column
Machining contents Milling, drilling, tapping

Throttle body

Workpiece name Throttle body
(fuel system)
Material ADC
Machining contents Boring, drilling, tapping

For machining industries in Motor cycle parts

Cylinder head

Workpiece name Cylinder head
Material ADC
Machining contents Milling, drilling, tapping, boring

Cam shaft

Workpiece name Cam shaft
Material FCD
Machining conditions Index
Machining contents Drilling, grooving

Shift fork

Workpiece name Shift fork
Material S45C
Machining contents Machining of side cutter width, milling

For machining industries in Information Technology parts

Lens mirror pipe

Workpiece name Lens mirror pipe
Material A5056
Machining contents Cam grooving

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