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Manufacturing: Labeling Solutions

Durable Laminated Barcode and Identification Labels

On-demand desktop and mobile labeling solutions.

Produce durable laminated barcode and serialized labels
Produce durable laminated barcode and serialized labels

With on-demand generation of durable laminated component, serial number, part number, UL/CSA, asset tracking and barcode labels, small and diverse quantities of items can be accurately and economically labeled. The labels last and remain affixed and clearly readable even when subjected to harsh manufacturing environments.

In the parts area, labeling sourced components and shelves, bin boxes, and tool cribs can help speed pick operations and make periodic inventory checks go faster and more accurately. On the production line, the ability to produce serial barcode labels as needed – in a variety of sizes and colors – can take place in line as part of the process, where labels can also be generated from manufacturing tools and test equipment without a PC, for greater versatility and efficiency. In the testing, calibration and Q&A processes, durable labels can be produced to permanently record results, settings, and instructions. In overall plant management, maintenance and repair operations, the same on-demand labeling solutions can help enhance performance and safety, by producing clearly readable printed labels for marking control panels, switches, wiring and cabling, connections, instructions and safety warnings.

With these low-cost, easy-to-use solutions, sourcing issues can be minimized because the correct labels are generated as needed, with on-demand serialization and barcodes, rather than relying on maintaining costly inventories of pre-printed labels that may miss the mark in terms of potentially having the wrong pre-printed label on hand for the product being manufactured. Changing label needs are also better addressed, since label sizes and widths can be switched as easily as swapping out an interchangeable tape cartridge for another in seconds. Efficiency can be boosted since several of the desktop label printers can be connected directly to scanners and weigh scales to generate appropriate serialized and barcode labels without a PC precisely when needed – one, a few or hundreds at a time. One of the handheld labelers also features the ability to download and store data from spreadsheets and many common databases to generate laminated barcode and serialized labels from those sources practically anywhere.

Produce durable laminated labels in sizes up to 36mm wide and in a variety of colors

The PT-9700PC and PT-9800PCN (with Ethernet network interface), as well as the P-touch EDGE® Series of handheld labelers, produce durable self-laminated barcode and serialized labels in a variety of sizes and colors – where text, graphics and barcodes are protected under a clear, UV resistant laminate layer – ideal for harsh environments.

Produce durable laminated labels for harsh environments on demand.

Print labels that can withstand challenging environments – from harsh boiling to freezing, high-pressure wash, steam, water, grease and other lubricants, industrial solvents like acetone and more – and remain affixed and clearly readable for a long time. There’s no need to order and inventory custom pre-printed labels anymore.

Full-featured PT-Editor software is included to easily create your own label designs

Includes label-design software.

While these models are compatible with many manufacturing software applications, full-featured PT-Editor software is included to easily create your own label designs, print linear and 2D barcodes, link to many common database types and more.

Minimize waste and inefficiency of pre-printed labels.

Since labels are printed as needed – with barcodes, graphics and serialization – there’s less need to maintain costly inventories of pre-printed labels. Plus, tape cartridges are readily available if you run out – so there’s no lengthy interruption in the supply chain waiting to replenish custom-printed labels.

Print high-resolution labels fast.

Select HGe tapes and print up to 360 dpi resolution at up to 3.1ips with the PT-9700PC and PT-9800PCN, perfect for producing barcode labels with the highest level of scan integrity.

Produce labels with or without a PC.

Labels can be generated from PCs using the included software, or with many manufacturing software applications; these label printers can also be connected directly to test equipment, barcode scanners, weigh scales and other devices to print without a PC.

Drop-in tape cartridges make changing supplies fast and easy.

Easy-swap TZ and TZe tape cassettes that allow you to change colors, sizes, and adhesive types in seconds

Interchangeable tape cartridges allow you to change tape sizes, colors and adhesive types in seconds – speeding production changeovers.

A variety of tapes are available for the challenges of manufacturing.

Tamper-evident labels leave a tell-tale permanent mark when removed or repositioned
Tamper-evident labels leave a permanent tell-tale pattern

There are specialty laminated tapes available in a variety of widths, colors and adhesive types, including: Standard adhesive tapes for flat smooth surfaces; Flexible ID tapes for wrapping and flagging wires and cables; Extra-strength adhesive tapes for plastics and textured surfaces; and tamper-evident tapes that leave a tell-tale permanent mark if removed or disturbed. And because tapes are interchangeable, there’s less waste and lost time trying to maintain inventory.

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P-touch® PT-9700PC & PT-9800PCN desktop laminated barcode label printers
Desktop laminated barcode label printers
  • Prints durable laminated labels up to 36mm wide
  • Prints high-resolution barcodes, text and graphics
  • Includes label-design software
The features of the PT-9700PC, plus:
  • Built-in Ethernet network interface
P-touch® PT-9700PC & PT-9800PCN product tour

HGe tape high speed & high quality movie
P-touch EDGE® PT-7500 & PT-7600 handheld industrial labeling tools
Handheld industrial labeling tools
  • Prints durable laminated labels up to 24mm wide
  • Built-in telecom, datacom and electrical symbols
  • Uses a wide variety of tape colors, sizes and adhesive types
The features of the PT-7500, plus:
  • Includes download capabilities and label-design software
P-touch EDGE® PT-E100, PT-E300 & PT-E500 labelers
  • Prints durable laminated labels up to 12mm wide
  • Built-in label application keys
  • Uses a wide variety of tape colors, sizes and adhesive types
  • Prints durable laminated labels up to 18mm wide and heat-shrink tube*
  • Built-in label application keys
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Uses a wide variety of tape colors, sizes and adhesive types
The features of the PT-E300, plus:
  • Prints durable laminated labels up to 24mm wide and heat-shrink tube*
  • Includes download capabilities and label-design software
  • Built-in auto cutter
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