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PT-9700PC & PT-9800PCN Desktop Barcode and Label Printers Thermal Transfer Printers for Tough & Durable Laminated Labels
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Print durable labels instead of standard thermal labels for short-run production

Electronic component manufacturing
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P-touch® PT-9700PC & PT-9800PCN desktop laminated barcode label printers
Desktop laminated barcode label printers
  • Prints durable laminated labels up to 36mm wide
  • Prints high-resolution barcodes, text and graphics
  • Includes label-design software
The features of the PT-9700PC, plus:
  • Built-in Ethernet network interface
P-touch® PT-9700PC & PT-9800PCN product tour

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For manufacturers of electronics and electronic components, short runs are the norm. Much of the work in your plant could be custom orders, crafting components for another manufacturer, or producing limited runs of “white box” products. So production runs and quantities can change rapidly, depending on customer orders and revisions, and new work cells often need to be set up quickly to handle those changes.

Preprinted labels are simply not an acceptable option in many cases, because of the lag between ordering and delivery, the risks of ordering too few or too many, and the high cost of preprinted labels in small quantities. That’s why many electronics manufacturers prefer to make simple thermal labels as needed onsite; however, many of the available systems aren’t efficient to deploy to multiple work cells, and too expensive and time-consuming to set up on short notice. In addition, the labels they produce have limited durability which is always a concern in often harsh manufacturing environments. They can smear and smudge and become practically unreadable if they get wet, or even when exposed to high humidity.

The PT-9700PC and PT-9800PCN labeling systems provide a very good solution, to both the need for custom labels on demand, as well as for durable labels that can withstand harsh environments. With these complete solutions, you can produce durable laminated labels with serial numbers, barcodes, text, graphics and logos whenever you need them – one, a few, or hundreds at a time The labels feature a unique laminated composition, where the text and graphics are printed under a clear protective laminate. They’ll withstand moisture, abrasion, boiling, freezing, microwaving, harsh UV, industrial cleaners and solvents and remain affixed, smear-free and clearly readable for years.

The included label-design software provides the capability to create those custom labels on demand with company logos, serialization, barcodes, time/date stamping and more right from PCs or Macs, and to use data from common database and spreadsheet applications to populate those labels. Because these systems allow you to quickly make the quality labels you need on-demand, and to change label sizes and colors as easily as swapping one interchangeable tape cassette for another, setup and changeovers can be quick, practical and efficient even for multiple work cells or ad hoc cells as needed.

The industrial-grade Brother™ P-touch® PT-9700PC and network-ready PT-9800PCN barcode and laminated label desktop printers include everything you need to get started – printer, label stock and full-featured software – to start producing the high-quality, durable labels you need right away.

Make durable serial number labels on demand that withstand harsh conditions

Brother™ laminated barcode labels are so durable they can withstand harsh conditions ranging from extreme temperatures, UV light, and minor abrasion to common industrial cleaners and solvents. So they can be applied at the start of production and left on to track through the entire production process.

Create professional-looking rating and nameplates on demand, for less

Metal plates can be very expensive, difficult to manage as inventory and are wasted if anything changes. The PT-9700PC and PT-9800PCN produce high-quality, glossy or matte-finish laminated labels that give you the flexibility to print exactly what you want on the label, on demand, to produce professional ratings and nameplates at a fraction of the cost of metal plates.

Print calibration labels, instead of handwriting them

Brother™ laminated labels can be printed on-demand directly from many calibration management software applications, using data already recorded in the database, resulting in crisp, clear, machine-printed calibration labels – a much better alternative to handwritten labels that are prone to human error and inaccuracy.

Print laminated component and part marking barcode labels as small as 6mm wide

For printing the small labels needed for marking many components and parts, the PT-9700PC and PT-9800PCN feature 360dpi print resolution, print fully formed characters down to 3pt type, and produce precise linear and 2D barcodes on a laminated label as small as 6mm wide.

Label cables and wiring harnesses with labels that stay affixed

The laminated labels produced by the PT-9700PC and PT-9800PCN not only withstand abrasion from motion and vibration, extreme temperatures, and possibly chemicals, but also have a special adhesive specifically designed to wrap around or flag cables and wiring harnesses and stay adhered under harsh conditions.

Varying terminal strip lengths and numbering connections are easily labeled

Position and print a terminal strip label by just measuring the center to center distance and typing in the ID’s for each terminal location with these Brother™ solutions. The included software also helps you link to a database and automatically trim the length of the label based on the number of columns populated in a particular record.

Produce safety labels that stay on and are clearly readable for years

Brother™ labels are not only laminated to protect the text, graphics and barcodes you print on them from solvents and a wipe down, they are also available in a variety of adhesive types, colors and sizes to meet your needs. After all, a safety message is only useful if the label doesn’t fall off or the ink doesn’t get wiped off from cleaning.

Help guard the integrity of calibrated systems and products with tamper-evident labels

An affordable and effective way to seal calibrated systems and mark products to help improve security and integrity is to use the PT-9700PC or PT-9800PCN to produce tamper-evident laminated labels. If one of these labels is later disturbed or removed, their special face stock breaks apart and provides a clear visual indicator.

Two-year limited warranty*

The PT-9700PC and PT-9800PCN are durable, industrial-grade laminated label printers and are backed by a 2-year limited warranty* against defects and damage, which includes the print head.

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* See limited warranty for details. For warranty information, ask your Brother Mobile Solutions, Inc. sales representative or click here.

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