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P-touch EDGE® PT-7500 & PT-7600 rugged labelers, built tough to handle the rigors of the field
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Audio visual (AV) labeling solutions from Brother™

Audio visual (AV) labeling solutions from Brother™
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P-touch EDGE® PT-E100 & PT-E300 labelers
  • Prints durable laminated labels up to 12mm wide
  • Built-in label application keys
  • Uses a wide variety of tape colors, sizes and adhesive types
  • Prints durable laminated labels up to 18mm wide and heat-shrink tube*
  • Built-in label application keys
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Uses a wide variety of tape colors, sizes and adhesive types
P-touch EDGE® PT-E500 & PT-E550W labelers
The features of the PT-E300, plus:
  • Prints durable laminated labels up to 24mm wide and heat-shrink tube*
  • Includes download capabilities and label-design software
  • Built-in auto cutter
The features of the PT-E500, plus:
  • Wireless (802.11 b/g) interface
  • Dual-blade cutter to produce easy-peel labels in strips
P-touch EDGE® PT-750wvpsm & labelers
Portable industrial labeling tool with wireless and NFC connectivity, and AirPrint™, with auto cutter
  • Prints durable laminated labels up to 24mm wide and heat-shrink tube*
  • Wi-Fi® interface to transfer files and print from Windows®, iOS®, and Android® devices, plus NFC connectivity and AirPrint™
  • Dual blade auto cutter for easy-peel labels in strips
  • Includes label-design and printing software via free download
  • Uses a wide variety of tape colors, sizes and adhesive types
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Brother™ understands the importance of labeling an AV installation or integration as an emerging standard for the audio visual industry’s best practices. That’s why we’ve developed AV labeling solutions that can lead to a significant savings of time and effort.

AV labeling solutions from Brother™ simplify the AV labeling process to quickly make professional-looking AV labels for cables, face plates, patch panels, switches and more.

Brother™ offers AV labeling solutions for printing AV labels on demand out in the field with the P-touch EDGE® commercial and industrial labeling tools. With these models, you can have the right tool to fit into how and where you want to work – standalone models for routine labeling applications, or the download-ready handheld models for producing more elaborate labels designed on your desktop, and using data downloaded from common databases.

These AV labeling solutions are quick and easy – simply drop in the tape cassette with the label size and color you want, type in the message and print. Most EDGE® handheld models feature a large backlit graphic display that’s especially helpful when working in poorly lit locations.

For even greater convenience and efficiency, choose one of the computer-connectable EDGE® models. These EDGE® handheld models come with easy-to-use label design software and other tools to make and store templates, data and even logos for use in the field. You can use the same label design software to transfer the label templates, graphics, and database into that EDGE® labelers to print the labels onsite and on-demand by simply those same for a key word.

P-touch EDGE® labeling tools produce high-quality, professional-looking, laminated AV labels that not only look good, but are durable and long-lasting as well. So whether you need the enhanced capabilities of an EDGE® labeler with wireless or USB connectivity, or one of our pure standalone models, you’ll produce labels that show your professionalism and dedication to quality work.

As a global leader in labeling, Brother™ addresses your specific needs with innovative AV labeling solutions that help increase productivity and efficiency at a truly affordable price.

Create and produce professional-looking AV labels

With the increasing sophistication – and cost – of today’s AV systems, it’s important to mark your work with a truly professional touch. With the right EDGE® models, you can create and produce machine-printed labels up to 24mm wide, with up to seven lines of crisp text, plus symbols. With some of the same models, you can also download and store other graphics – like company logos – wirelessly from popular tablets and smartphones, or via USB from PCs for use on those same labels in the field.

If you deploy crews for your A/V projects, give special consideration to the E-Series of EDGE® labelers, which are especially easy to use and help your crews make professional machine-printed labels with text and symbols in seconds, without ever reading a manual.

Ideal for making laminated AV labels practically anywhere

If you need go-anywhere, battery-powered, rugged labeling solutions, P-touch EDGE® handheld labelers are a good choice. They feature rubber impact guards and comfortable rubber grips for sure handling, and include a protective carrying case.

Models with easy-to-view, backlit display

Entertainment centers and commercial AV setups you need to label are not always well-lit. So most EDGE® handheld models feature bright, backlit, 15 or 16 character X 2-line displays so you can clearly preview and edit your label before you print, whether you’re backstage or in a poorly lit back room.

Smart Technology to simplify making the right label, right now

With P-touch EDGE® handheld models smart features are already built in, including innovative Smart Label Application Keys to help you quickly access, edit and print common label layouts; icons for at-a-glance settings; auto tape-size sensing for selecting font size and label length, and more. Dedicated label application keys on many handheld models also help speed making cable wrap, cable flag, faceplate, serialized labels, and other labels. All these features help save time in the field and help make AV labeling faster and easier.

Use labels with text and symbols to mark connections, faceplates, and other items

P-touch EDGE® models deliver durable machine-printed labels with crisp text and can include a variety of built-in telecom, datacom, electrical and other symbols. Many EDGE® handheld models also include nine built-in barcode symbologies.

Print professional-looking labels that last and look great for years

A professional finish to your work can lead to more work. With the glossy, laminated labels from these models, your text and content are printed under a clear laminate layer, which is then bonded with multiple layers, to produce sharp, professional-quality labels that remain affixed and clearly readable for years. This unique construction also means the final printed label can withstand harsh conditions, abrasion and fading, indoors and outdoors.

Interchangeable tape cassettes

Labels are produced from easy-swap tape cassettes that allow you to change colors, sizes, and adhesive types in seconds. So you can go from making black-on-white labels for patch panels, to making cable and wire labels on Flexible ID tape, to making large call-back color labels, as easily as swapping tape cassettes.

P-touch EDGE® AV labeling solutions from Brother™ help you improve efficiency and productivity during an AV system installation and setup, and leave a lasting impression in the years that follow.

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