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Brother Mobile Solutions (BMS) Channel Partner Program Bid Support Guidelines

In order to qualify for the Brother Mobile Solutions (“BMS”) bid support pricing, the following criteria must be met:
  1. Only members of the BMS CPP (“Partners”) may qualify for deal registration and bid support pricing.
  2. Partners will be required to register the opportunity, project details, and the end-user account. The BMS deal registration form must be fully completed and submitted to BMS at least thirty (30) days prior to the RFI, RFP, RFQ, or bid due date.
  3. In order to receive bid support pricing, Partners must have had substantial involvement with the end-user opportunity prior to an RFI, RFP, RFQ or bid request. Substantial involvement shall be determined by BMS, in its sole discretion. Partner involvement with the end-user includes, but is not limited to:
    a) Sales call made with a Brother sales representative and Partner;
    b) Presentations made to the end-user by Partner;
    c) Placement of a demo unit(s);
    d) Participation in a lab trial;
    e) Participation in a pilot program
  4. Only a specific project at the end-user level can be registered, not the end-user company. (Example: ABC Corporation cannot be registered; only specific projects of ABC Corporation would be eligible for registration.)
  5. Partners that are provided with bid support pricing under this program may only bid BMS products for the specific RFI, RFP, RFQ, or bid request.
  6. The minimum quantity to qualify for bid pricing is 50 units, based on the entire opportunity over its full time horizon. However, all individual shipments must be at least 50 units to obtain the bid support pricing. Staggered delivery dates are permitted as long as shipments are 50 or more units each.
  7. Any given individual deal registration will have an expiration date of 180 days from the approval date of the original request.
  8. Deal registrations that have expired must be re-registered through the same process described above.
  9. If in the event more that one BMS Partner has established substantial involvement with end user, BMS reserves the right to offer bid support pricing to one or more Partner(s), or as an alternative to not offer bid support pricing to any Partner. Brother is the final arbiter of whether a Partner has qualified for bid support
  10. BMS reserves the right to reject all requests for bid support pricing and deal registration in it’s sole discretion.
  11. BMS reserves the right, in it’s sole discretion, to offer bid support pricing for all Partners when no Partner has established substantial involvement in originating the bid.

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