Standard "TZ" laminated labels are designed for file folders, binders, and most flat, non-textured metal, plastic and glass surfaces. They withstand water, grease, fading and abrasion, and can be used in hot and cold environments, as well as outdoors. Super thin yet technologically elegant, text is protected by clear laminated film that stays crisp, readable, and affixed.
Standard Laminated Tape (8m)
Tape Description:
Standard strength
Great for everyday indoor and outdoor use
> Files
> Binders
> Small signage
> Name badges
Extra Strength Adhesive Tape - Laminated (8m)
Tape Description:
With up to twice the adhesive strength of our standard laminated tapes
> Harsh environments
> Painted surfaces
> Textures surfaces
> A variety of plastics
Flexible Identification Tape or Wire & Cable Tape - Laminated (8m)
Tape Description:
Specifically formulated to stick to laminate or to the tape adhesive itself
> Cable & wire
> Vials, beakers & test tubes
> Pipes and other round surfaces
> Electrical fittings and connectors*

* Not suitable as an electrical insulator
Super Narrow Tape - Non-laminated (8m)
Tape Description:
Standard strength
> CD case spines
> Other narrow spaces
Tamper Evident Tape - Laminated (8m)
Tape Description:
Standard strength — Security pattern appears if removed
> Computers/electronic devices
> Equipment after calibration
> Furniture & other company property
> Items sealed for security
Acid-Free Adhesive Tape - Laminated (8m)
Tape Description:
Acid-free adhesive* allows labels to be attached directly to photo-sensitive materials without damage
> Photos
> Scrapbooks

* Claims that adhesive is "acid free" and/or "photo/safe" are based upon: 1.Satisfactory test results obtained from Photographic Activity Tests per ISO 14523 and non-acidic pH tests per TAPPI 509; 2. Certifications from material manufacturers; and 3. Atomic scans
Fabric Iron-on Tape - Non-laminated (8m)
Tape Description:
For use on various fabrics; withstands multiple launderings
Perfect for labeling:
> Cotton and cotton-polyester blends
> Uniform and commercial garments
> Bedding and table linens
> Camp, school and other clothing
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