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Genuine Brother Genuine inkjet supplies are the result of extensive research and development of over 100 different elements and formulations. When combined in the right quantity and configuration through the 4-cartridge color ink system, these elements help ensure reliable operation and protection of your inkjet printer and its long-life print head. Using non-Brother Genuine inkjet printer supplies may affect hardware performance, copy quality and machine reliability.

Innobella Inks + Paper = Genuine Brother Quality


Brother Innobella inks and papers give you more reasons than ever to use only Genuine Brother Supplies. Brother’s range of genuine Innobella consumables are engineered with an astounding ink technology that goes in perfect harmony with our uniquely engineered paper – Innobella equals incomparable reliability in print quality. What’s more, when Innobella consumables are used with Brother’s new inkjet Multi-Function Centers® (MFCs), you get brilliant print outs – every time! True-to-life printing is made easy, when Brother is at your side.



  • Innobella ink is not only fade resistant, but also color fast.

  • When printing on our Innobella glossy paper, the result is a high quality print that has vivid colors, sharper images and better definition.


  • "Richer Colors" is a natural photo color technology from Brother. The expansion of the color gamut reproduces more vivid colors because the wider the color reproduction area, the more beautiful the prints.

  • Brother’s print engine broadens the maximum color reproduction area and improves the red, magenta and green colors. That's how true-to-life colors are produced.



Special coating has been added to Brother paper to achieve a smoother finish, thus reducing the risk of bleeding and smearing of ink. Using Innobella ink and paper together results in high quality printing with vivid colors, sharper images and better definition.

Traditional ink and photo paper are affected by light and ozone, and are liable to fade quickly with time. Brother’s newly developed Innobella ink and photo paper are both light–fade and ozone–fade resistant – giving you color fastness like never before.

The combination of Innobella ink and paper is one of the key factors in achieving high quality photos with an increased print longevity. Because Brother has formulated their inks and paper together, your prints will stay vivid for many years.

Brilliant PRINTS

The success of our Innobella consumables lies in the way the ink, combined with our paper, works with our machines.

Brother’s print technology enables ink droplets of 1.5pl (picoliter), and the capacity to accurately place them on the paper – producing less graininess, and therefore, smoother and sharper printouts with finer definition.


Brother’s Innobella paper, when combined with Innobella inks, provides optimized surface coating for photo quality brilliant colors, and for that rich photo quality feel.

4- Cartridge Color Ink System


ink-cartridge Cyan Ink Cartridge Yellow Ink Cartridge Magenta Ink Cartridge Black Ink Cartridge During the printing process, your Brother color inkjet calculates the appropriate ink mixture to create vibrant colors. This calculation is based upon Brother’s own ink formula and produces true-to-life images every time with correct color matching.


The viscosity of original Brother ink is designed to flow evenly through critical points of the Brother ink cartridge print head. This helps ensure an even ink distribution on the page — resulting in a more visually pleasing image.

  • Scientifically calibrated printing on paper to help ensure superb paper penetration and crisp edges.

  • Ink formulation and the timing of ink delivery help prevent smearing and clogging of print head.


Anti-smearing & Anti-clogging Qualities of the Brother Ink Cartridge

inkViscosity To prevent pages from smearing during the color inkjet printing process, genuine Brother ink penetrates and dries on the paper in the time optimal for your Brother machine. Delay between page prints is based on Brother ink drying time specification.

To help prevent the Brother ink cartridge print head from clogging, genuine Brother ink contains carefully selected dyes, penetrates, water and other material especially to meet the specifications of your Brother product, ensuring smooth and reliable operation of the print head.

How Can You Save Money with Brother™ Ink Cartridges?

INKJET-Printing-Information Brother ink cartridges are available in a variety of formats to help you save money:

  • learn-more
  • Multi-Packs
  • High-Yield
  • Super High-Yield

How Color Inkjet Technology Works


1. The Brother inkjet print head has four nozzle groups servicing four color inks. This print head consists of a nozzle plate, metal plates which are equipped with channels and manifolds, a piezoelectric ceramic actuator and filters.

2. Ink is sprayed through microscopic nozzles in the print head onto the paper using piezoelectric inkjet technology. A controlled electric charge to the piezoelectric ceramic produces a pumping action, forming and ejecting ink-droplets.

3. The print head assembly on the carriage, with connecting ink cartridges, moves back and forth across the paper to produce the desired image.

4. A stepper motor drives gears and rollers designed to advance the paper with precision each time the print head assembly is ready for another pass across the paper. The paper is then ejected once the printed image is complete.

Inkjet Supplies

Perfectly Formulated Genuine Brother Inkjet Printer Supplies