Important information regarding your machine

Thank you for the purchase of a Brother product. Unfortunately, due to the impact of the Earthquake in Japan, some of our part vendors are experiencing temporary production and shipment delays. We are striving to minimize the impact of these issues for our valued customers as much as possible. Certain machines have the ability to connect to an optional lower (second) paper tray which is available for separate purchase. As a result of recent events in Japan, some units has been produced without the necessary connector to add the optional lower paper tray.

Please select the model number and enter your serial number below to see if your machine is affected by the lower tray connector shortage. If your model number is not listed in the drop down box then your machine either does not have a lower tray option or is not affected by this shortage.

Select Model
The serial number of yoru machine is most often located on the back or bottom of the product on a silver label or plate. In some cases, it may be located inside the papertray cavity or on the inside of the removable cover.
Helpful Hints
  • Make sure all Θ or 0 listed in the Serial number are entered as zeros
  • Check for your machine’s serial number on the outside of your box in the area labeled serial number
  • Check for the serial number on the back of your machine in the area labeled serial number
  • The terms Ser. Nu. and S/N may be used in these areas to indicate this is the serial number of the machine
  • Make sure you know the purchase date of the machine in order to complete your product registration