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    1. Make sure your Macintosh system software is Mac OS X v10.4 to v10.6
    2. Do not connect the PocketJet Plus to your Macintosh until after the driver installation.
    3. Click the blue link below to download the PocketJet driver: pocketjet_3.0.3.ppc.dmg
    4. Double click on the pocketjet_3.0.3.ppc.dmg driver file.
    5. Click on “Continue”.
    6. Select the disk for the installation or click “Continue”.
    7. Click “Install”.
    8. Close other application software and then click “Continue Installation”.
    9. When the installation is complete, click “Restart”.

    PocketJet Drivers for Mac - pocketjet_3.0.3.ppc.dmg

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