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Solutions for Learning Environments

Teachers, school administrators, and the IT technology teams that support them need products and solutions that manage communication, collaboration and the curriculum all while fitting within district budgets. Brother makes it easier by providing innovative solutions that help manage and share data, information and documents more efficiently and effectively.


  • Foster collaboration and communication
  • Digitize paper-based documents
  • Streamline and automate test grading
  • Improve student / teacher workflow
  • Support mobile devices and BYOD initiatives
  • Help maintain security, compliance and confidentiality

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Improve Collaboration, Communication and Workflow

As schools move away from paper-based documents, Brother gives you the technology you need to capture, store, and share digital information and data.

Benefits & Uses:

  • Brother has products, tools, and cloud-based applications that help facilitate communication and collaboration.
  • Our solutions give you the ability to capture and share images and electronic files including student records and documents, projects, homework, lesson plans, and other important items from any web-connected device including mobile devices.
  • Convert paper documents to digital files and scan to email, folders or other applications.
  • Enable collaboration, organization, sharing and tracking of files easily using custom data filing features.

Support Mobile Devices and BYOD Initiatives

The popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives is growing, bringing with it an increased need for mobile device scanning, copying, printing, and digital file sharing capabilities. Brother Solutions can help.

Benefits & Uses:

  • Students and teachers are always “connected” whether through smartphones, laptops, tablets, or other mobile devices.
  • Schools are embracing this trend by incorporating BYOD initiatives and mobile learning into the curriculum.
  • Brother has options to support the ability to deliver, share and manage info, even on the go.
  • Print from, scan to, and share documents through a variety of mobile devices and operating systems.

Facilitate Student Assessment

Automate and streamline assessment processing with a single pass scanning solution.

With the increased focus on assessment, quick and precise data collection and data mining are key. Improve productivity by using Brother all-in-ones to scan tests as part of your test grading system. Reduce test grading time while creating accurate reports of the results.

Enhance Efficiency

A balanced deployment approach can put the right amount of technology right where your school needs it.

The school environment has changed dramatically over the last few years. Educators and administrators are shifting away from paper-based documents, and moving sharing documents electronically. This means your school’s existing print technology infrastructure could be inefficient. A balanced deployment can assess and “right-size” your school’s output environment to ensure that it is scaled to your needs.