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Can I print using the IPP protocol on Windows XP or Vista?

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Follow the procedure below to configure IPP printing.


1. Click Start => Printers and Faxes.


2. Click the Add a printer option.


3. Click Next.


4. Select Network printer or Printer attached to another computer option and click Next.


5. Enter http:// followed by the IP address of your Brother printer and click Next.


6. Select the appropriate Brother driver and click OK.


Windows will now attempt to communicate with the IP address that you specified. If it communicates successfully, you will be asked if you wish to make the device the default printer.


7. Select Yes or No and click Next.


8. Follow the prompts and your device will be ready to print using the IPP protocol.


If you wish to change the TCP/IP port number that Windows XP uses for Internet printing, simply enter the new port number after the URL information of the device. For example, to use a Port number of 631 enter:

(where is the IP address of your Brother device)


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