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Description of Problem 100000006328

How to print vertical text on the label or change the label orientation to portrait.

Description of Solution 200000007698

To change the text to print vertically click the Vertical Text Input tool (icon of A with a blue arrow pointing down) to the left of the label layout. Or click Format and Text. Under Text Orientation click the box with the lines and capital letter A to change the text orientation. Click OK.


To change the label orientation click File and Printer/Page Setup, click the Page Setup tab. Under Printing Orientation select Portrait. Click OK. The label will now be displayed vertically.


Or click the Page Properties button (icon of white sheet of lined paper with green rulers to the right and under the paper) near the top left of the PTouch Editor window. The Page Properties window will open to the right. Click the Portrait button to the right of the label/tape size. The label will now be displayed vertically.

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