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Description of Problem 100000017324

How do I customize a preset visitor badge template in P-touch Editor 5.0so that it can be used with the Visitor Badge Management software?

Description of Solution 200000022129

1. Determine the file name of the preset template layout to be edited and which category it is in.

a. Login the Visitor Badge Management software as an administrator and select Options.

b. In the Options dialog box, click the on General tab and select Browse.

c. In the Select Badge Layout dialog box, click on the drop down arrow for Category. There are three, Standard Name Badges,

Generic Badges, and Photo Badges. Each category contains templates.

d. Determine which template you wish to customize. Write thefile name and the category name. The file name of the template is

below the image of the template (example 01, 02, 03, etc)

e. Click Cancel, Cancel, and Exit, to exit from the Administrator mode.

2. Click on Start - All Programs - Brother P-touch - P-touch Editor 5.0 to start P-touch Editor 5.0.

3. In the New/Open dialog box, click Open File.

4. In the Open dialog box, browse to the folder at C:\Program Files\Brother\VM 100\Template\Badge\(category). Select the file determined

in step 1 and then click Open.

5. Make the changes you wish within the layout.

6. To save the custom layout, click File and select Export.

7. Select Template and then click OK.

8. For Windows 2000/XP save the file in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Brother\VM-100\Template\My Badges.

For Vista save the file in C:\ProgramData\Brother\VM-100\Template\MyBadges.

Enter a name for the custom layout and then click Save.

9. After saving the custom layout, close Editor 5.0. Do NOT save the original layout.

10. To select the Custom Layout, login as an Administrator, select Options and click Browse.

11. For Category, select My Badges. Select the saved customized layout and click OK.

12. Click OK and exit from the Administrator mode. The customized layout is now setup as the default badge.

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