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How do I setup the Brother Label Printer to work with Ebay/Paypal in Windows?

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Please follow the steps below to print out a label from EBay/PayPal Web Site.

Note: Brother does not provide any support for using EBay/PayPal applications to print to the label printer. Any questions should be directed to the software manufacturer (EBay/PayPal Company):

Prior to starting this process:

a)    The label printer must be installed with the Brother PTouch Editor Application and Printer Driver.

b)    The PTouch roll (size) installed in the label printer must be 2-3/7 inch (62mm) Continuous length (DK2205).

c)    Verify the label printer can print from the PTouch Editor application.


1.    Using your EBay account, on the Seller's Payment Status page, select Print Shipping Label.


2.    You will be sent to PayPal to select the carrier, after selecting the carrier, click Continue.


3.    On the Shipping Label Requirements page, please ensure that your computer system meets all the requirements listed under this page, and then click Continue.


4.    On the Create Your Shipping Label page, fill in all the Shipping information and then click Continue.


5.    On the Confirm and Purchase Your Shipping Label page, click Edit Printer Settings at the bottom of the page.


6.    Under Printer Options for USPS/UPS Labels page, select Label Printer, and under the Important notice, click on Download J2SE JRE to download and install Java(TM)2 in order to make the Brother Label Printer work with PayPal.


7.    After the installation of the Java(TM) 2 program, you are required to re-start the computer and start the shipping process from the beginning by repeating step 2 to 6 and skip step 7 and 8.


8.    Under Printer Options for USPS/UPS Labels page, click on the Drop down box to select the Printer and Paper Size, select Brother QL-550 2.4 inch x Continuous (select this compatible model since your QL model is not listed in EBay/PayPal) and then click Save button.


9.    Under Select Target Printer, select your Label Printer model (QL500/QL550/QL570/QL580/QL650TD/QL700/QL710W/QL720NW/QL1050/QL1050N/QL1060N), and then click Save button.


10. On the Confirm and Purchase Your Shipping Label page, click Pay and Continue.


11. On the U.S. Postal Service/UPS Shipping Label Completed page, click on Label did not appear link at the bottom.


12. The Warning - Security window pops up, click on YES.


13. On the Print Postage page, the Java window loads with the lower half being empty.


14. On the Confirmation Needed Print page, click on YES.


a)    The Java window completes loading with the Sample Image of the label at the bottom.

b)    You can select the Print Sample Label button.

c)    This will generate a Sample label via Label Printer.

d)    After sample label was displayed you can select Print Label button.


Note: The label length is about 8 inches long (this was set within the EBay's application


15. The window will pop up when the label has been sent to the printer via the Java window. You should only click OK after the label has printed correctly.


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