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How do I add a new TCP/IP printing port in Windows to match the IP address of the printer?

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The following steps should be performed after verifying the Brother machine has been setup on the network and is communicating on the network.


1.    Open the Printers folder.  Refer to the following solution for instructions, if needed - "How do I open the Printers folder in Windows?"


2.    Right-click on the Brother printer driver and left-click Printer Properties.


3.    Click the Ports tab.


4.    Click Add Port.


NOTE: If the Add Port option is grayed out or unavailable, log in with admin rights and try again.


5.    Choose Standard TCP/IP Port then click NEW PORT.  The Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard will appear.



6.    Click NEXT.




7.    In the field labeled Printer Name or IP Address, type the IP address of your Brother machine noted earlier and click NEXT.




8.    If you receive a window stating: "Additional Port Information Required", then the computer is not communicating properly with the Brother machine.  Some common causes of this issue are:


-      Firewalls and security applications

-      A conflict with another application running on the computer

-      An IP Address conflict with another device on the network


Troubleshoot or eliminate as many of these factors as possible.  For Windows Firewall users, click here if you need instructions for disabling the Windows Firewall.  For a third-party firewall, such as Norton or McAfee, refer to your software's documentation for instructions on how to disable the application. Contact your computer manufacturer or network admin to further troubleshoot network communication conflicts.



9.    If you receive a window stating: Completing the Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard, look for the section labeled Adapter Type.  If the communication is successful, this section should indicate that the computer is communicating with a "Brother Print Server" by listing the node name of the Brother Machine displayed as BRN or BRW followed by a combination of letters and numbers.  Click FINISH.



10. Click Close on the Printer Ports window.


11. Click Apply.



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