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I do not have or have lost the black and white calibration card, I need to scan now! What should I do?

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To get your scanner calibrated now you can try a few things.


You can get a white-only calibration by using a clean bright white piece of paper.


If you have a printer handy you can download a PDF version of the calibration sheet, print it, and use it to temporarily calibrate your scanner; please the following link into your web browser -®%20600_DS600_EN_5647.PDF


If you need assistance on navigating the Brother website to download software, Drivers and Utilities, please CLICK HERE to view instructions.

Please keep in mind that the special black and white glossy calibration sheet that came with your scanner is recommended to obtain a quality calibration.


You can order this calibration sheet by going to 


Part # LD6320001 Calibration Sheet Only

Part # LD6319001 A4 Cleaning Kit w/ Calibration Sheet


The machine has a one year exchange warranty. If the machine requires service, call Brother Customer Service at 1-877-276-8437 Monday through Friday, excluding holidays for warranty options.


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