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Description of Problem 100000020193

I was able to print to my Ptouch Label printer via USB connection but it's no longer working. How can I correct this issue?

Description of Solution 200000025515

Please perform the following steps for the P-touch/Label driver installation on Windows 7:




1. Turn OFF the P-touch/Label machine.


2. Go to the following link to download and install the Ptsweep file to remove the existing P-touch/Label driver in your PC.


* Note: Before selecting the Download button for your Model and Operating System. Please confirm whether your Operating System version is 32 bit or 64 bit.  Click on Start icon (bottom left corner); right click on Computer, click Property, your operating system version is displayed under System Type.


3. Read the License Agreement, click I Accept and then click Save.


4. At the left side of the Save dialog box, click on the Desktop icon and then click Save. Note the name of the file.


5. After the Ptsweep file downloaded to your PC's desktop, go to the Desktop, and double click on the downloaded file.


6. It will automatically unzip the data and create a folder on your desktop with the same file name.


7. Double click on the folder and then double click on file name PTSWEEP.EXE to remove the driver.  Restart the PC.





1. Go to and click on Downloads/FAQs/Help & More link



2. Select Product Group, Model, and then click View.

[Example for selecting Brother QL-570 model]



3. Click on QL-570 Downloads on our Online Solution Center link.



4. Select Windows OS and click Search button.

[Example for selecting Windows 7 64-bit]



5. Click Information & Download link.



6. Read the download and instruction statement and then click Download button.



7. READ the user license agreement and then click I Accept



8. Click Save button.



9. Click Downloads or Desktop icon and then click Save.



10. Click Start icon and then click Computer.



11. Click Downloads or Desktop icon and then double click on the downloaded file.



12. Click Run button.



13. Click Unzip button.




14. Double click on the Unzip folder.



15. Double click on D_SETUP to install the driver.



16. Click Start to install the driver and then follow the default/prompt steps until the installation is completed.



* Note: If you are still experiencing a same problem, please perform the steps below:

1. Turn OFF the Ptouch/Label machine.


2. Go to your desktop, double click on the Ptsweep folder and then double click on file name PTSWEEP.EXE to remove the driver.  Restart the PC.


3. Turn ON the Ptouch/Label machine.  The Windows 7 system will automatically install the built-in driver for your Ptouch/Label machine.  This built-in version will work just fine on the local PC.

After installing the P-touch/Label driver successfully, you can delete/remove the downloaded files and unzip folders from your Desktop or Downloads area.


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