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How do I perform the cleaning procedure?

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To clean the scanner:

NOTE: The cleaning procedure can be initiated in the DSMobileScan II software program.  It is recommended to place a few drops of alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol) in the middle of the cleaning sheet.  A less concentrated solution of alcohol may be used; however, more cleaning cycles may be required to clean the scanner

NOTE: Use the cleaning sheet included in the original packaging.  If the original cleaning sheet is not available you may order a new cleaning sheet part number M2003.

Note: To get the best results it is recommend that you calibrate after the scanner has been cleaned.  Refer to How do I calibrate the scanner

Note: the screen shots may be slightly different depending upon which scanner you have and which operating system you have

1. Start the DSMobileScan II software and the following window will appear

DSmobile calibration custom key 1.jpg

2. Click the Custom button and the following will appear.

dsmobile calibration calibrate key 2.jpg

3. Click the Calibrate button, and the following window will appear.

CLean button.jpg

4. Click the Clean button, and the following will appear.

insert cleaning sheet.jpg

NOTE: A few drops of alcohol placed on the cleaning paper may help if the paper alone is not effective.

5. Insert the cleaning sheet into the machine

inserted cleaning sheet.jpg 

6. Click the OK button and this window will reappear

CLean button.jpg

7. Click the Clean button the cleaning sheet will move back and forth in the scanner, then be ejected and the following window will be displayed

cancel finidhed cleaning.jpg

8. Click the Cancel button to finish.


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