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How do I clear the message "Replace Parts Belt Unit"?

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To clear the message "Replace Parts Belt Unit" from the LCD display, POWER OFF the printer using the power switch on the right side of the printer. Wait 5 seconds and then power the printer back on.


If the machine continues to display the message "Replace Parts Belt Unit", the belt unit has reached the end of its life and a new belt unit will need to be installed. The yield of a belt unit is approx. 50,000 pages (A4/Letter single sided pages). Please purchase and install a new belt unit.



- DO NOT touch the surface of the belt unit. If you touch it, it could degrade the print quality.

- Damage caused by incorrect handling of the belt unit may void your warranty.


1. Press the front cover release button and then open the front cover.



2. Hold the green handle of the drum unit. Pull the drum unit out until it stops.



3. Turn the green lock lever (1) at the left of the machine counterclockwise to the release position. Holding the green handles of the drum unit, lift the front of the drum unit and remove it from the machine.


NOTE: If you cannot pull the drum unit out, make sure that the front cover is fully open.



4. Hold the green handle of the belt unit with both hands and left the belt unit up, then pull it out.



5. Unpack the new belt unit and put the new belt unit in the machine. Make sure the belt unit is level and fits firmly into place.


6. Make sure the green lock lever is in the release position. Match the guide ends of the drum unit to the small black arrows on both sides of the machine, and then gently slide the drum unit into the machine until it stops at the green lock lever.




7. Turn the green lock lever clockwise to the lock position. 


8. Push the drum unit in until it stops.


9. Close the front cover of the machine.


10. When you replace the belt unit with a new one, you need to reset belt unit counter by completing steps below:


a. Press MENU, 8 (Machine Info), 4 (Reset Parts Life).


b. Press the UP or DOWN ARROW key to select Belt Unit. Press Ok.


c. Press 1 to reset the drum unit counter.


d. Press STOP/EXIT.


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