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How do I change the margin of the label?

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1. Press the Label function key to display the Label attributes menu.

2. Press the Up or Down arrow key until the setting next to “Cut Option” is highlighted on the display.

3. There are five cut options, “Large Margin”, “Small Margin”, “Chain”, “No Cut”, and “Special Tape”.   Press the Left or Right arrow key until the desire margin setting is highlighted.

Large Margin – The label will have a margin of 0.94" (24 mm) on each end.

Small Margin – The machine will automatically cuts a piece of blank tape before printing the label and then cuts the tape after the label is printed, leaving a 0.16"(4 mm) margin at each end of each label.

Chain – Select this option if you are marking more than one label; this will waste less tape. The machine will automatically cut off a piece of blank tape before printing the first label.  After the label printed, it remains in the machine.  The machine does not cut off the label until there is another label to be print or until the “Feed & Cut” key is pressed (Shift and Preview keys), continue on creating the next label.  When you press the “Print” key the second time, the machine will feed and cut off the first label; the second label remains in the machine.  Continue on creating and printing labels, after the last label is printed, hold down the Shift and then press the Preview key; the machine will feed and cut off the last label.  All the labels will have a margin of 0.16" (4 mm) margin at each end.

No Cut - Prints a strip of labels with 0.31” (8mm) between each labels.

NOTE: To cut off the strip of labels, hold down the Shift key and then press the Preview key.

Special Tape - Select this setting when using special tape like the Fabric Iron-On Tapes or Extra Strength Adhesive Tapes, this increases the life of the cutter.  After printing, remove the tape cassette from the machine and use scissors to cut the tape.

4. Press the Enter key to apply the setting.

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