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I am unable to print or scan when using iPrint&Scan from my Android mobile device. What can I do?

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You can print JPEG your images (JPEG or PDF), secured PDFs, Web Pages, E-mail messages (from Gmail), plus scan from the document glass or auto document feeder of your Brother Machine.  Not all machines support scanning.


In order to print or scan using the Brother iPrint&Scan app, you must ensure that the Brother machine is connected to the same wireless network as the Android Mobile device.  The machine can be connected either wirelessly or by using a wired network connection to a wireless access point.  The available connection type will vary by model.


NOTE: An ad-hoc connection is not supported on Android OS.


Please refer to the initial setup instructions for help connecting the Brother machine to your network.




The instructions will vary depending on your Android device.  Please refer to the documentation that came with your Android device for support.


1.    Select Settings.




2.    Select Wireless & Networks.



3.    Turn OFF Wi-Fi.  


NOTE: Depending on your device, you may have to uncheck a checkbox, or toggle an ON/OFF button.  If Wi-Fi is already turned Off, then you cannot print using iPrint&Scan.  Continue to STEP 4.



4.    Turn ON Wi-Fi.


NOTE: Depending on your device, you may have to check a checkbox, or toggle an ON/OFF button.



5.  Make sure that the Android device is connected to the correct Wi-Fi network.


6. Test print or scan using iPrint&Scan again. If still not able to print or scan, then continue to PART 2.





1.    Open iPrint&Scan.


2.    Tap your desired print option.


3.    Tap your desired document.


4.    Tap the Setting icon.




5.    Tap the displayed Printer.




6.    Select Networked Printer.


NOTE: If you have selected Remote Printer, NFC Printer or Bluetooth Printer, your Brother machine must support that connection type or you will not be able to print.


If you receive a message advising you to place the mobile device near the printer, this is because you have selected NFC Printer instead of Networked Printer. 


7.    A list of available printers will be displayed.  Check IP address of the Brother machine that you want to connect use.




NOTE: If your machine is not listed, then there is no communication between your Brother machine and you Android Mobile Device:


-      Ensure that the Brother machine is on the same network with the Android mobile device.


-      Cycle the power on your mobile device and search again. You may have to wait a minute or more for the machine to appear.


-      Cycle the power on your Brother Machine and search again.  You may have to wait a minute or more for the machine to appear.


-      If you are still unable to locate the Brother machine, uninstall and reinstall the Brother iPrint&Scan app from the Android Market.  If you need help reinstalling the app, please contact your mobile device manufacturer for support.


8.    Select the Brother machine again.




9.    Tap the RETURN ARROW Key.


10. Tap Print.


-      If the document prints, then the issue is resolved.


-      If you are still unable to print, cycle the power on the router, android device and the Brother machine and then try again.  Make sure all devices are connected to the same network.


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