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When I calibrate I get a White-Only calibration message, why?

Description of Solution 200000030782

First clean the machine using the following:

NOTE: The cleaning procedure can be initiated in the DSMobileScan II software program or any program that uses the TWAIN driver.

1. Running the DSMobileScan II software, place a few drops of alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol) in the middle of the cleaning sheet.

NOTE: Use the cleaning sheet included in the original packaging.

2. Click on Custom.

3. Click on Calibrate.

4. Click on Clean.

NOTE: The following message will appear on the screen: Please insert the cleaning paper then press the Clean button. A few drops of alcohol placed on the cleaning paper may help if the paper alone is not effective.

5. Click OK.

6. Click Clean.

7. Click Cancel when finished.

After cleaning, calibrate the scanner.  Ensuring that the calibration sheet is inserted properly

  • If you do not use the calibration sheet that came with your scanner.
    If you lost the calibration sheet, please contact customer service to order a new one.
  • If the sheet is placed incorrectly placed into the scanner you can also get this message.
  • Please place the sheet correctly into the scanner as shown the image below and try scanning again.
  • NOTE: Illustrations shown below are for representation purposes and may differ from your Brother machine (for DS600/DS610 only).


If the White-only calibration continues your scanner may require service.

  The machine has a one year limited warranty. If the machine requires service, call Brother Customer Service at 1-877-276-8437 Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.



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