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How do I create a bar code using editor 5.0?

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Open Editor 5.0 normally, either EXPRESS or PROFESSIONAL

  1. On the menu bar at the top of the window; click Insert and then scroll to and click on Bar CODE.
    1. This will open a window titled Bar Code Properties.
  2. There are three tabs available in this window.
    1. INPUT Allows you to input the data for the Bar Code.
    2. PROTOCOL Allows you to select the appropriate code for your application.
    3. SETUP  Allows you to adjust the size of the Bar Code
  3. Click the INPUT tab.
  4. In the DATA box, type the bar code data.
  5. After you have entered the data, click on the OK button at the bottom of the window and the bar code will be inserted into your label.

More information on bar codes is available in the User’s Manual for your P-touch or by clicking on HELP on the menu bar and then scroll to and click on PTOUCH EDITOR HELP. 

This will provide information similar to the contents of the User’s Manual. 

When the Help window opens, there are 4 tabs on the left side:

1      CONTENTS  This displays a table of contents

2      INDEX  This is similar to the Index in the User’s Manual

3      SEARCH  This feature allows you to enter a word or topic for a search

4      FAVORITES  This contains previous search results that you have saved

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