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How do I clear the message "No Paper"?

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1. Make sure the paper meets Brother's recommended paper specifications for the paper tray.  The paper tray can be used to print plain paper and recycled paper that is 16 - 28 lbs (60 - 105 g/m2).


NOTE: The specifications listed above are the basic requirements for print media compatible with the paper tray. For additional recommended media specifications, refer to the solution "What type and size of paper is recommended for use in the Brother machine?" 


2. Pull the paper tray completely out of the machine and remove any paper from it.



3. While pressing the green paper-guide release levers, slide the paper guides to fit the paper size.  Make sure that the guides are firmly in the slots.



NOTE: For legal size paper, press the release button in the bottom of the paper tray and then pull out the back of the paper tray. 



a. Inspect and see if the green plastic paper guide in the rear of the paper tray is damaged, removed, or missing.

- If yes, this is a likely cause of your issue.  Proceed to the following solution:  "The green plastic guide in the rear of my paper tray is damaged, removed or is missing. What do I do?"

- If no, proceed to STEP 4.

4. Turn the stack of paper over and put some of the paper back into the tray and make sure of the following:


a. The paper is below the maximum paper mark. Over-filling the paper tray will cause paper jams.



b. The side to be printed on must be face down.


c. The paper guides touch the sides of the paper so it will feed properly.


d. Put the paper tray firmly back into the machine.  Make sure that it is completely inserted into the machine.


5. Test the machine by making a copy.


- If the page prints, discontinue troubleshooting.


- If the message "No Paper" appears, continue to STEP 6.


6. If the paper pick-up roller is dirty, the machine may not feed paper.  In that case, clean the paper pick-up roller as follows:


a. Turn off the machine's power switch.  Disconnect all cables, and then unplug the power cord from the AC power outlet.


b. Pull the paper tray out of the machine.


c. Remove all of the paper and anything that may be stuck inside, from the paper tray.


d. Using a lint-free cloth moistened with lukewarm water, wipe the separation pad (1) in the paper tray to remove any dust.



e. Wipe the two paper pick-up rollers (1) inside the machine.



f. Put the paper back into the paper tray.


g. Put the paper tray back in the machine.


h. Plug the machine's power cord back into the AC power outlet first, and then reconnect all cables.  Turn on the machine's power switch. 


7. Test the machine by making a copy.


If the error continues to appear and your machine is within warranty, you can locate a Brother Authorized Service Center (ASC) in your area by clicking on the link below: or contact Brother Customer Service by calling 1-877-Brother (1-877-276-8437) Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. 


If your machine is out of warranty, you can locate a Brother Authorized Service Center using the information listed above.


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