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How do I configure the Scan button on the machine?

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To change the scan setting for the Scan button on the machine, you must change the settings in the Device Settings tab in ControlCenter4.

There are two modes for Control Center 4, Advance Mode and Home Mode.

Please use the instructions below that conform to your mode selection.

Advanced Mode – There are two options for opening the settings page.

Option 1


1.    Click on the Tools Icon in the top left hand corner.



2.    Click on Device Scan Settings.


Option 2



1.    Right-Click on a scan task button, choose Button Settings to display the settings page.

Jump to settings page


Home Mode

1. Open ControlCenter4 and select the Device Settings tab from the top menu.

2. Click on Device Scan Settings.

Note: Both Advanced and Home mode will display the following configuration screen.

1.    Change desired settings in Device Scan Settings.

Note:  Please change settings in the correct tab based upon your scan task.  If you are scanning a photograph, please make changes on the Image tab.  If you are using the scan to OCR feature, choose the OCR tab above.  If you are using the Scan to Email feature, use the E-mail tab above.  If you are scanning to a file use the File tab above.  If needed, you can click the Default button to reset all tabs.

2.    Click OK when finished.

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