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How do I download and install the ADS wireless scanner (Full Driver & Software Package) on the Windows wireless network?

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IMPORTANT: You MUST know the Network Name (SSID) and Network key (Security/Encryption key) in order to proceed with the wireless installation.

If you do not have this information, please contact your system administrator or router manufacturer for further support.

It is recommended that you setup the Wireless Scanner through the computer (PC) that connects wirelessly to your wireless network router.

For information about setting up your network router, please go to the link below to contact your router manufacturer directly:

If you have any applications are currently OPEN, please save and close your document(s) and then perform the following steps:


1. Go to


2. Enter your model number then click Search button.


3. Under Downloads & Drivers, click on Downloads on our Online Solution Center.


4. Under Downloads tab, under Select OS, select your Operating System, and then click on the Search button.


5. Under Full Driver & Software Package, click Download & Information link and click on the Download button.


6. Read the License Agreement, click I Accept and then click Save. Note the name of the file.



For Windows XP:


7. At the left side of the Save dialog box, click on the Desktop icon and then click Save.


8. After the driver downloaded to your PC's desktop, go to the Desktop


9. Double click on the downloaded file, click Run button and then proceed with the Software and Driver's installation by following the graphical (red box) steps below:



For Windows Vista/7/8:


7. After the driver downloaded to your Downloads folder, go to the Downloads folder.


8. Double click on the downloaded file, click Run button and then proceed with the Software and Driver's installation by following the graphical (red box) steps below:


* Note: If you are getting this error message “Cannot Start Application Installer.

 [C:\Users\<Logon Name>\Downloads\install\data\Disk1\Setup.exe clone_wait /I0x0009] while installing the Scanner software. 

  Please use Windows Explorer (or double click on My Computer or Computer icon) to go to this path =>

 C:\Users\<Logon Name>\Downloads\install\data\Disk1 and then double click on Setup.exe.

Note:  If you do not have a USB cable and would like to use the advanced setup, please click HERE.

Note: It may take a few minutes to install the driver and search for the network router. Please DO NOT click Cancel or disconnect the USB cable.

If you haven't yet registered your product, it is recommended that you click on Brother Registration to register your product before complete the installation.



ADVANCED SETUP with NO USB cable option


1.    Click the radio button No, I do not have a USB cable.



You will have to use the wireless setup wizard on the device to connect it to your wireless network before it will be detected in the next step.


On the device, choose Settings, or Tools icon.

Choose Network - Choose WLAN.

Choose Setup Wizard - It will search all available SSID.

Please choose the network you wish to connect to - Click OK.

Choose No (Manual) when prompted in regards to using AOSS.

Enter Network Password - Click OK.

Apply Settings Prompt Appears – Choose YES

Connecting WLAN will appear - Click OK.


Proceed to step 2.


Note:  If you get a connection failed message, run the setup again and make sure you have entered the correct password.



2.    Your device will appear, highlight it and click Next.


Note:  Installation will continue, it may take several minutes, please allow it to finish.



3.    You will be prompted to view the User Guide, if you desire, please do so, then click Next.



4.    The On-Line registration prompt will appear, you may register now or at a later time.  Click Next.



5.    Click Finish to complete the installation.  You may be prompted to reboot, please do so.


6.    After restart, your device is now connected wirelessly and ready for use.



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