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Description of Problem 100000031895

Is the VM100 software (Visitor Badge Management) compatible with windows 8? Where do I get the latest update version for VM100 software?

Description of Solution 200000040978

Please click HERE to download and install the latest update for VM-100 (Visitor Badge & Management software) by following the steps below:

Please NOTE the downloadable version of VM-100 will only work on a computer that has previously had VM-100 installed on it from the CD-ROM.
When you download this software, it is necessary to enter the Product ID of VM-100.
Please HERE
if you need help finding the Product ID.

1.    Under your Operating System version and English, click Download & Information link.

2.    Click Download, enter the 16 characters of the Product ID, and click Submit Query button.

3.    After reading the license agreement, click I Accept.

4.    Click the Save button to download this file vm100w10020aus.exe to the PC’s Download folder (default setting).




6.    Click Run to start the installation or go to the Download folder and double click on vm100w10020aus.exe to start the installation.



7.    Click OK to uninstall the older version of VM-100.


8.    Click Finish to complete the uninstall process.

9.    Click Yes to start the installation process for VM-100 application.

10. Enter your name under User Name: and Company Name: (if any) and then click Next.

11. Follow the on-screen instruction to click Next, Next, Next, and then click Finish to complete the installation process.





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