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I am unable to print using Apple AirPrint. What can I do?

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NOTE: This feature is only available if your Apple device is running iOS 4.2 or later.  This can typically be determined by accessing the device's settings menu.  Refer to the Apple website for more information about compatible operating systems





In order to use AirPrint, your mobile device must connect using Wi-Fi to the SAME network that your Brother machine is connected to or connected directly to the Brother machine using an Ad-hoc connection.  You cannot use AirPrint if your mobile device is connected via 3G, 4G, etc.  For help connecting your mobile device to a network or for assistance verifying the settings, contact your mobile device manufacturer.  AirPrint supports wireless connections that use Infrastructure Mode or Ad-hoc mode.


NOTE: The Brother machine may be connected using Wired Ethernet, Wireless to a router/access point, or Wireless directly to the mobile device (Ad-hoc).  


1.    To determine your machine's current network settings, you may print the Network Configuration Report and verify the IP Address and connection Status.  For instructions on how to print this report, refer to the solution - How do I print the Network Configuration Report? 


2.    To verify that the mobile device is on the same network as the Brother machine, open a web browser on your mobile device.


3.    In the address bar, type in the Brother machine's IP address as the URL and tap Go.  The IP address is listed on the Network Configuration Report that you printed earlier.


-      If the Brother machine's Network Home page is displayed, then the two devices are connected to the same network.


-      If the Brother machine's Network Home page is NOT displayed, then the two devices are NOT connected to the same network. You will need to connect your mobile device to the same network.  For help connecting your mobile device to a network or for assistance verifying the settings, contact your mobile device manufacturer. 



4.    On the Brother machine's Network Home Page, click the Network tab.


NOTE: If you have configured a password for your network card, you must log in from the top of the screen to see all of the tabs.  If you only see the General tab, then you are not logged into the network card.


5.    Click Protocol.


6.    Ensure that there is a check next to AirPrint.  If this protocol is not checked, then the AirPrint feature will not be available.



7.    Click Submit at the bottom of the window.






The procedure used to print may vary by application.  Safari is used in the example below.  For detailed assistance with any other application contact your application's vendor.


1.    Make sure your machine is turned on. If the machine is in sleep mode, press a control panel button to wake the machine. Otherwise, the machine may not be listed when you try to print.


2.    Use Safari to open the page that you want to print.


3.    Tap   .


4.    Tap Print .


5.    Make sure your machine is selected.



-      If a different machine is selected or if no printer is selected, tap the displayed printer name or Select Printer.  A list of available machines will be displayed.  Tap your machine.

-      If your machine is not listed, verify the machine is ready and not in sleep mode.


6.    Select any available options, such as number of pages to print or duplex printing (if supported by your machine).


7.    Tap Print .





-      Paper size and paper type options are specified depending on the iOS application.


-      If the machine supports the Secure Function Lock feature, printing via AirPrint is possible even if the PC print for each user is restricted.  If you want to restrict printing via AirPrint, disable AirPrint using Web Based Management or set the Secure Function Lock feature to Public Mode and then restrict PC print for public.



If you are still unable to print, verify your Apple device is running the newest version of iOS.  Contact Apple or your Apple device support for assistance checking the iOS version and installing the newest version if needed.

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