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How do I turn off the pop up for the scanning results after each scan?

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Note:  There are two modes available when using Control Center, Home Mode and Advanced Mode. 

Please follow the screen shots below that apply to your selected mode.


For Home Mode Users => Choose Device Settings from tab strip (wrench and screwdriver icon). 

Choose Device Scan Settings from the menu that appears.



For Advance Mode User =>

Click on the configuration button (wrench and screwdriver icon).



Choose Device Scan Settings.



The following screen appears after you select Device Scan Settings in either mode.


NOTE:  Depending on the tab selected, the configuration options may be different. 

Please make sure to configure the proper tab for your situation.

The Advanced Settings button does not apply globally to all tabs. 

You must configure the Advanced Settings for each tab.



Click on the Advanced Settings button in the lower right corner.



To stop the Pop-up for scanning results please,

remove the checkmark from Display Scanning Results.


Click OK.


If you need to reactivate the Pop-up at a later date just recheck the box.


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